Authenticity and Village Guide Book

Members of Vikings North America,

This is the most current version of the Authenticity and Village Guide Book. It is meant to be a framework for the individual groups to conduct independent research, tailor research to the local groups' needs, and facilitate shared research between the groups.

Vikings North America covers a large geographic area. The focus of Vikings North America covers three hundred years, many cultures, and the entirety of Europe. It is nearly impossible for one person to be an expert is every facet of life within our overarching focus.

I encourage individual members and groups to narrow down their scope and focus on doing one thing very well. A persona with accompanying kit displaying the material culture should be fleshed out by good, current research. To this end, I ask that as you research and make improvements, please document and share your research with other members of Vikings North America.

At this time, I am also soliciting opinions of the members and Group Authenticity Officers to suggest changes to the current guides. This will be open until the end of the calender year. At which point, the guide will be updated and edited.

I thank you all for your continued support of Vikings North America.

-John Kronberg
Society Village and Authenticity Officer