Hastings 2016

It's been 949 years since the Battle of Hastings when Harold Godwinson was killed and William of Normandy took control of England. Still, some of us are determined to change that outcome. We get our chance in October 2016.

The 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings will feature an international reenactment on the original battlefield. The 2006 reenactment saw over 1600 combatants take the field. 2016 may see over two thousand foot soldiers, archers and cavalry engaged on Senlac Hill. Vikings of North America will be there and you can be with us.

Preparations are already beginning. There is still time to get your kit and equipment together. Contact the nearest VNA group for more information or start your own group and work directly with our Combat and Authenticity Thegns for training and guidance.

Whether you are a Norman supporter or a frustrated Saxon, don't miss this opportunity to stand your ground, sword in hand, on the original battlefield with the largest number of combatants involved since Harold and William faced off nearly a thousand years ago.


Vikings of North America will send a small contingent of Normans to the 2016 event. We have been duly invited by English Heritage to do so. If you are interested, please contact Michal Carson or respond on our Facebook page.

All prospective combatants will need to meet the kit requirements for the event and pass a basic combat test administered by The Vikings when they reach the site.